Bee removal - Stuart, FL, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties
How do I know if I have Bees in my home?
Bees often find small holes in the siding or eaves of houses, trees, and fences. These small inaccessible places are ideal for building their hives. You may see increased bee presence around your home or hear a humming in the trees or inside your walls. Bees are attracted to loud noise, and the noises can trigger a pheromone release that will cause the bees to attack anything they perceive to be a threat. Bee stings can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals, and can be a cause for great concern for people with allergies, and with small children.

How do I get rid of Bees?
Bees can be difficult to get rid of, and may require cutting open part of your house in order to access the bees hive for removal.  During the cleanup of a Bee hive you must remove all traces of the bees and ensure that you clean the area with a deodorizer that neutralizes any scent left from the bee colony. This can be a very tedious task and requires specialized tools such as a bee suit, saws, drills, smoker, pry bars, and a hive box in which to place the queen and her minions.

What should I do if I have Bees in my home?
Knowing the difference in the type of bee will ultimately define what you can do to get rid of the bees. Hiring a licensed company to help you with this process is highly recommended. The following is a list of individuals and companies licensed to do bee removal in the state of Florida.   

Q. How do I get rid of the bees or wasps around my house?
A. Bees and Wasps must be removed and the area cleaned of their smell and pheromones which attract other bees and
Q. Are bees and wasps bad for my property?
A. Honey bees can help to pollinate flowers and crops. Other bees and wasps can be aggressive and damage property by
boring holes in fences, houses. They build their nests in flower beds and in the eaves of houses.