Coyote removal - Stuart, FL, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties
How do I know if I have Coyotes?
Coyotes are being seen more and more in populated areas especially as human population expands and the territory wild animals have to live in is developed for neighborhoods and shopping malls. When a coyote’s food supply is depleted or it is forced to move out of an area, it must find a new food sources. Often times, that means house hold pets, livestock, and trash. When coyotes move into a populated area, they often use drainage ditch culverts, and brush piles as their dens. Coyotes will accept stray dogs into their pack and breed with them producing what is called a “Coy Pup”. These coy dogs look like regular dogs but are much more aggressive due to the fact they have never had human contact.  Never approach a coyote or wild dog!


How do I get rid of Coyotes?
Never approach a coyote or wild dog!  Coyotes are listed as an invasive species by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission “FWC” and must be put down after capture. Coyotes can NOT be released back into the wild, it is against the law to do so!
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In NO instance should you try and approach a coyote or wild dog. They never travel alone and will attack as a group if they are cornered, or if their den is disturbed. Coyotes have a natural fear of humans and are the most elusive of any animal I have ever trapped. Their keen sense of smell and their pack mentality makes them a very dangerous and formidable predator. Coyotes require a special kind of trap known as a “Live Bait Trap”, which utilizes a live animal such as a chicken or rabbit for bait. Coyotes have a highly developed sense of smell, so you should never touch the trap, bait or surrounding area. Scent control is very important when dealing with coyotes.

What should I do if I have a coyote on my property?
Make sure you have all of your pets, livestock, and family in a safe place then contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission “FWC”,or a “Licensed Trapper” who has experience in dealing with coyotes and wild dogs.  Never approach a coyote or wild dog!

Q. Are coyotes dangerous?
A. Coyotes have been known to attack pets, livestock, and children.
Q. How do I get rid of a coyote?
A. Coyotes must be captured and removed. As long as they can find food, they will not voluntarily leave an area.
Q. Do Coyotes carry any diseases?
A. Yes. Coyotes can carry Distemper, Parvovirus, and Rabies.