Hog removal - Stuart, FL, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties
How do I know if I have Hogs?
Hogs are nonnative animals in the wild of Florida and are classified as an Invasive Species by the state of Florida. Hogs cause millions of dollars of damage each year to golf courses and upscale communities. Hogs will leave an area when they have eaten all the food in that area, but will return when the area has been replanted, or when the natural vegetation is replaced or grows back.   Hogs have learned to be Nocturnal hunters. Due to their large size, and voracious appetite, a herd of 10 hogs can destroy an acre “an area the size of a football field” in one night of foraging. Hogs can become very aggressive when cornered and have been known to attack and kill dogs who get too close or threaten their young.  Never approach a Wild Hog!

How do I get rid of Hogs?
Hogs must be trapped in large traps by baiting them with corn or food products that the hogs can smell. These traps need to be very strong and be able to withstand repeated attacks by a full grown hog. Hog traps are made using specialized fence panels designed for large animals and have large metal beams that are welded for support. These traps can be very expensive and start in the $350.00 price range and can cost up to $1500.00.

What do I do with a hog once I have caught it?
What do you do with an angry 200 lb. hog who doesn’t want to be in a trap anymore? Hogs can be very aggressive - they will bite you, head butt you, stomp on you, and cut you with their tusks. The males, “Boars”, have tusks which they rub against trees and rocks to sharpen. They then use their tusk to cut and stab. Hogs can NOT be released or relocated. They must be euthanized, or transported by a licensed Feral Swine Dealer registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture.  It is recommended that you contact a Licensed Trapper who is also a registered Feral Swine Dealer. There are many rules and regulations regarding Feral or Wild Hogs in Florida. The following is a link to help you.  http://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/profiles/mammals/land/wild-hog/.

Q. Are Hogs Dangerous?
A. Hogs are naturally aggressive, and will attack animals and people when cornered or provoked. Hogs have tusks that
are very sharp and can cause serious injury if you are struck with them. Most injuries are caused just by the shear
impact of being hit by a large animal running up to 25 miles per hour.
Q. How do I know if I have hogs on my property?
A. Hogs often root up entire sections of yard at a time, and often will defecate where they are eating.
Q. How do I get rid of the hogs on my property?
A. Hogs have to be trapped and removed from a property; they will not leave until every food source is exhausted.