Opossum removal - Stuart, FL, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties
How do I know if I have an Opossum aka “Possum”?
Possums are marsupials, “animals who carry their young in a skin pouch on their stomach”. Possums hunt and scavenge nocturnally for food. Their diet consists of insects, lizards, roots, and trash they find. Possums will often make their homes in attics (when they can find a hole large enough to get in), in heavy brush, or debris left in overgrown yards.  Possums will often dig up flower beds looking for food. Although they look very mean, possums are known for playing dead when they are confronted or harassed. Possums use their feces to cover their scent which makes them smell like decomposing meat which makes predators think they are rotting. Possums will use the same nest for years until displaced or the nest is destroyed. Possums have a very large mouth and when they do bite, they inflict severe damage. Possums do carry rabies and when they are out during the daylight hours it is a sign of them being sick.

How do I get rid of the Possum I keep seeing on my property?
The most effective way to get rid of a possum is to capture them. Personally, I have never found any repellents or scents that will effectively deter possums from returning to your property. Opossums are unlikely to attack you unless you have them cornered or in a trap. The best baits I have found for possums are as follows: extra-large marshmallows, peanut butter crackers, and tuna fish. Most live Catch traps will work for catching possums. Place the bait all of the way in the back of the trap, and it should be very effective.

What do I do with an opossum when I catch them?
Once you have captured the possum, you will need to seal the area where they are accessing your house. In some cases, you may need to remove and replace the contaminated insulation, drywall, or other items and spray the area with deodorizing disinfectant. Possums can only be released in certain conditions and only on private property consisting of more than 40 acres or more, and you must have written signed permission to do so from the legal property owner. Releasing a Possum or any other animal on Public property is a felony in the State of Florida. Examples of public property includes parks, boat ramps, and road ways.   http://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/profiles/mammals/land/opossum/. It is recommended that you contact a Licensed Trapper who is experienced in trapping raccoons and is familiar with the laws pertaining to their capture and handling.

Q. Are Possums Dangerous?
A. Possums often act dead when approached, but if you pick a possum up, and move it, they have been known to attack
the person holding them.
Q. Why do I see the baby possums riding on their mother?
A. Possums are marsupials, and have a pouch where they carry their young, and often times the young will ride on their
parents' backs when they are tired. A possum family will stay together for up to 2 years until the young take off on
their own.
Q. How do I get rid of the posuums on my property?
A. Possums must be trapped and removed from a property and their nest cleaned to prevent them from returning.